Someone (Single)

Someone & Roxy Roller

Bonus content time! I’ve already written about these songs in the EP and Six Friends Section, but due to popular demand I’ll pull the curtain back even further with bar winning trivia on these songs.


I believe Ron Obvious remixed this for release, though I must admit my memory is not as good as it used to be, though I must admit my memory is not as... sorry, where were we? My memory is not as good as it used to be but I think Ron Obvious remixed this for the single and the video. I mentioned Grapes of Wrath as a jangly influence on this one, but I was in to Dream Academy’s Life In a Northern Town as well. I don’t think this sounds anything like that though, particularly if you are a music lawyer reading this.

Roxy Roller

Recorded at Little Mountain Sound in an afternoon with Ron Obvious, Ron was able to track down original Sweeney Todd and Nick Gilder guitarist Jimmy McCullock’s amp for this session so I got to use that to try replicate his great guitar sound. Gord had previously purchased Budd Marr, Sweeney Todd bassist’s bass guitar, a Rickenbacker, however he didn’t use it on this recording. We went for a live off the floor sound. Chris Taylor of Rock and Hyde was just starting as an engineer at Little Mountain, we ended up bringing him it to do some tom fill overdubs. I remember thinking, why couldn’t we do a whole album this quickly.

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-Stephen Quinn