Lowspeak Single

Making of the Single

Released as both a 7” and 12” EP in the UK, our manager and label owner Chris Cooke released our EP and one by label mates Colour Noise. Chris knocked off our cover art for the Colour Noise release, so that should have been another sign that maybe we didn’t make a good decision here. Looking at the label artwork, he also couldn’t be bothered to spell our music publishing company name correctly. However, who am I to hold a grudge all these years later. I still try to visit Chris Cooke in prison whenever I go back to the UK. Ha ha, I kid, I kid. It’s all good.

The four songs released are from the Chris Wardman unreleased album we recorded in Toronto. We had shopped the album to the Canadian labels but couldn’t find anyone interested so we started sending the tapes out to labels in the UK where we got a far more receptive response, which was how we ended up signing with Chris as manager, and then later as our label as well. Cross collateralization? That only happened in the 50’s and 60’s right?

This is the famous release where we sold one single, but two promo copies were returned for credit, so we technically had sales of minus one in the UK. Hey, if we didn’t have bad luck we’d have no luck at all. Just Another Day, Love and Rain, and Sick and Tired of It all end up on It’s Party Time. Rope didn’t make it. It features some silky smooth Chris Wardman voodoo slide guitar on it. If you’re into vinyl I happen to have a few of these rare singles available for sale. Check out the merchandise page later once it is up and running. Sadly no pic sleeve though. This recording of Rope will also be on Anchors Away!

If you enjoyed these notes look forward to The Day Nobody Came – my autobiography on Culture Shock, Go Four 3, Thrill Squad, and The Irises. Stay tuned for releases of Six Friends and Anchors Away – all unreleased tracks and demos from Go Four 3.

-Stephen Quinn